Work in Process

The success of many businesses comes down to accountability and efficiency. A real Work in Process (WIP) system in place helps to track vital manufacturing data in real-time. Improve build accuracy and reduce labor costs by providing the departments with all the information they need with no paperwork and less procedural steps.

A well structured tracking process within the manufacturing companies, Input – Process – Output or the traditional 4Ms ( Man, Material, Machine and Method).

In a WIP system, each item is tracked uniquely at each stage as it is fabricated, manufactured or processed in some way. Normally, there are several steps to the process the item goes through, each with a set of data that will have to be captured. At each stage of the process the item will be scanned and whatever actions are done to it will be recorded. This chain of scans and data provide a very accurate trail of the item’s existence from assembly to a finished product. With this information you also have a line of accountability when there are defects or production issues and provide tighter control over your processes.

However, A actual work in process system should provide the cost saving benefits of:
Efficiency – Automate aspects of your process while eliminating paperwork.
Accuracy – Reduce errors from manual or missed input data.
Traceability – Know what stage every item is at in your facility with real-time information.
Productivity – Accomplish more throughout the day with a streamlined and automated process.