Warehouse Management System

Imagine a fully connected WAREHOUSE.

Warehouse Management System.

According to a study, Warehouse Management System was found to have a positive impact on companies’ performance on operations management measures. WMS leverages state-of-the-art technology to deliver all of the functionality needed to maximise operational efficiency and increase throughput, thus meeting the primary focus of the warehouse in accuracy and timely fulfilment of customer orders.
In short, a warehouse management system should be able to provide the visibility of processes at a single click.

> Error free operations: Although human errors made by pickers, shippers and receivers are directly responsible for a considerable amount of shipping and receiving mistakes in a given warehouse, warehouses often make mistakes on a much broader scale. One of the most common errors warehouses make is to fail to incorporate technology in their day-to-day operations.
> Inventory accuracy improvements at item and bin level : With a warehouse management system, you can monitor real-time information so that you always have an accurate and detailed overview of what is currently stored in the warehouse – and when it’s expected to run out.
> Increased Productivity : When you have an accurate overview of what’s in stock, it means that more can be done in less time, picking errors made by the staff can be greatly reduced, and orders can be fulfilled much faster. An extra advantage is that you can also reduce seasonal staffing levels, as the demand is likely to be planned for and met by the system.
> Real time Visibility : With the visibility to Inbound logistics, Outbound Logistics, Inventory and Management reporting, Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been designed for the improvement into every aspect of a company’s warehouse operations offers an organized approach to manage efficiency.
> Effortless Integration : Instead of redesigning your production process, you can simply integrate the warehouse software within the existing business IT infrastructure. With one single solution giving one single point of view, all your employees can reduce costs and easily follow a cohesive strategy between departments.